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World Fish Migration Day 2018!

As some of you already know (because you participated!) this World Fish Migration Daywas an amazing success. All the team is thrilled and really moved because the reactions and outcomes of all our participants. There were over 560 events in more than 60 countries, dozens of event types and thousands of people were reached to create awareness for the need of recovering migratory fish populations and healthy rivers. Some of those events were dam removal celebrations, like for example:

  • The celebration of Yecla de Yeltes dam removalin Huebra River (Spain) by the Duero River Basin Authority. The demolition of this 22m height dam, located in west of Salamanca Province started this past April and it is being finished as we speak!
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Director of World Fish Migration Foundation watching the removal works of the Yecla de Yeltes Dam © Herman Wanningen.

  • The documentary “Concrete Reasons”was launched during the celebration of WWF-Finland event in Helsinki. Several guests attended to this event where the need of dam removal was discussed, and the progress of the Dam Removal Era was shown by WFMD team. Here you can listento the chairman of this event, actor Jasper Pääkkönen, talking about the importance of free-flowing rivers in Finland. Watch the documentary here
  • Removal of a dam in Switzerland celebrated on World Fish Migration Day. Removal of a dam in the center of Zürich, by WWF and Agua Viva! See video:
  • Costing the Earth.The BBC radio program ‘Costing the earth’ has highlighted this project and other developments around removal in Europe and the USA.
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