Dams removed in 2020

Many dams in European rivers are old, abandoned and out of use. Together we can locate and remove them. Do you want to remove a dam? We can help!

Why Dam Removal?

Rivers have always provided fundamental and vital services for mankind and the environment. However, dams disrupt the natural functioning of rivers and can cause a wide-scale decline in fish and other river wildlife. For these reasons, it is necessary to remove these barriers to return rivers to their natural, free-flowing state.

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Dams Already Removed*

*based on data from France, Sweden, Finland, Spain, England and Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany

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Case Studies

Three weirs removed on the Biała Tarnowska River, Poland

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Policy Report

“There is almost 1 barrier for each river kilometre in Europe”

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Let the rivers flow

Are you planning a dam removal? Do you want to know more about this project? Are you interested in participating?