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Your generosity is key to save free-flowing rivers in Europe!

Rivers are the veins of our planet, but dams disrupt their natural functioning and bring devastating consequences for nature and people. Dam Removal Europe, led by the World Fish Migration Foundation (WFMF), is committed to removing obsolete barriers, to revive waterways and vibrant freshwater ecosystems.

Your Role

Donations make a significant difference in restoring European rivers, enabling us to pursue our mission and keep our projects alive. Every donation counts! Your support is fundamental to keep the dam removal movement scaling up and expanding to new regions. 

How To Donate

Your donation will be submitted via the World Fish Migration Foundation, and the total amount will be used for Dam Removal Europe-related activities. Please fill in your address in the donation form and leave a message stating your donation is for Dam Removal Europe.

Become a river hero and protect our rivers!