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Live from Scotland! Join us to celebrate a recent weir removal in River Leven

Live event celebrating Burn Mill Dam in River Leven, Scotland

Live on the Dam Removal Europe YouTube channel on July 18, 11:00 CEST

We are excited to announce an upcoming live event celebrating the removal of the Burn Mill Dam in Scotland. We invite you to join us for a special live broadcast on the Dam Removal Europe YouTube channel, together with Lynda Gairns, River Restoration Specialist at SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency), Alison Wilson, Director and North Team Lead at cbec eco-engineering UK, and Innes Croft, Supervisor at McGowan Environmental.
Connect live on July 18 to learn more about this river restoration project, as we highlight this significant step towards restoring natural river processes and enhancing fish passage in the lower River Leven.
Burn Mill Dam in June 2023

About the project

The Burn Mill Dam, a historic weir structure associated with the local milling industry, stands 1.4 meters high and stretches approximately 30 meters long. While once integral to the local economy, this barrier now obstructs both upstream and downstream fish passage and disrupts natural sediment transport processes in the lower River Leven.

The removal of Burn Mill Dam in July 2024 aims to restore these natural processes, significantly improving the water body status under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). By removing this barrier, fish passage will be enhanced, particularly benefiting key species like the Atlantic salmon and trout, and encourage the return of natural flow and sediment transport processes along the river.

Burn Mill Dam in November 2023

Mark your calendars!

Date: July 18, 2024
Time: 11:00 CEST
Platform: @DamRemovalEurope YouTube channel

If you missed the live event, you can watch the recording!

Dam Removal Europe YouTube

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