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Salmon comes back to Twynholm after almost 100 years thanks to a dam removal

One of the barriers removed in Scotland in September of 2016 thanks to WEF* (Water Environment Fund) has made possible the return of salmon to River Tarff after almost a century! This species was totally absence above the Tarff Creamery weir (almost 4m high) built around 1850. Now the after-removal monitoring results show that salmon are back in the 10km opened thanks to this obstacle dismantling. It is amazing how rivers and fisheries recover if you give them the opportunity, what a wonderful example!

To read more about this great news you can read the article published in Daily Record newspaperthis past March .

*WEF is a grant manage by SEPA (Scottish Environment and Protection Agency) and it is the only specific grant for river restoration in Europe.

Photo courtesy of SEPA.

You can also watch the removal works video below.

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