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With the removal of the Vezins Dam in the Selune River nearly complete, all eyes are on the removal of the second dam La Roche Qui Boit. Once this dam is removed, the entire river in Normandy, France will be freed.

EDF, who are in charge of the removal process, recently announced that they are officially starting the removal works of the Roche Qui Boit. Preparatory works will begin in the next few weeks including draining the associated reservoir for sediment management. The actual removal is scheduled for the spring of 2021.

Meanwhile, the Vezins Dam demolition work continues through June
and should be completed in September. Weather and COVID 19 created many delays in the process of removing the dam.

As always, keep an eye on our news channel or social media networks for any updates on the progress of both removals!

La Roche Qui Boit Dam before removal ©JP Doron
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