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On May 16th, WWF NL and Dam Removal Europe hosted the very first World Fish Migration Day Crowdfunding Webinar. The webinar was a sold-out success with 494 registrants and 201 attendees.

During the webinar, speakers presented on their crowdfunding projects like dam removals in the UK and Lithuania and the release of sturgeon in the Danube River. They succeeded in raising 4726 euros altogether!

Jack Bloomer from Tyne Rivers Trust said, “It was great to be a part of such an interesting event and to hear about the valuable work being conducted throughout Europe to protect and enhance our rivers. The event was so well attended, and it was brilliant to be able to spread our message to such a large audience. I hope that people were inspired to help us on our mission to remove as many dams as possible!”

We hope to continue to raise funds for each of these projects and the others in the coming weeks. And are excited to announce that the website will be translated into two more languages, Slovakian and Romanian! We hope this leads to even more projects, dam removals, and happy fish.

One of the speakers, Karolina Gurjazkaite, leaves us with this piece of advice, “Dam removal offers a viable solution for nature restoration. It’s like paying a debt for nature we have owed for many years. Dam removal frees the river not only for the fish but also restores the entire ecosystem. I would like to encourage you to support dam removal projects on the WWF platform, or perhaps, one in your country or your own community. Why not start a project yourself?”

If you missed the webinar, it is now available on YouTube to watch at your earliest convenience! Make sure to keep an eye on our site for any other upcoming events or webinars.

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