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Dam Removal History is Made in the Western Balkans

One of three recent dam removals in Montenegro ©WWF Adria

Three cheers for the Western Balkans! For the first time ever, three illegal, non-functional dams have been removed on the Vezišnica River in Montenegro, making these the first dam removals in the region’s history. Thanks to these removals, the Vezišnica will become a free flowing river once again! 

The dam removals are thanks to the important work of WWF Adria, as well as the cooperation of the local municipalities and the relevant ministry. Thanks also go to the Sports and Fishing Club “Lipljen-Pljevlja” for their support. 

The Vezišnica River is one of the most important and biodiverse tributaries of the Ćehotina River, but has faced years of industrial pollution, untreated wastewater, and illegal barriers which have severely affected the health of the river’s flora and fauna. The restoration of the Vezišnica is a major step towards bringing back the biodiversity of the area, and sets a precedent for dam removals in the region! 

We invite you to read the full story from WWF. Click here for the article. 

Watch the Trailer Depicting these Incredible Dam Removals!
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