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We are seeking dams in need of removal! If you have a river barrier that can be removed during the month of June 2021, we want to help! Work will be done by our project team and the work (including compensation of a local demolition expert and security guide – max €1500) would be fully funded. In other words, a free dam removal!

If you have a barrier removal that can be funded and taken out by project team in England, Belgium, France, Germany or the Netherlands please contact us before March 2021. The primary contact person is Iwan Hoving.

Why are we doing this? We hope to help contribute to the dam removal movement by getting our hands dirty and seizing an opportunity to restore rivers and team build. The project teams will consist of corporate business members who will all sponsor themselves as a means to get involved in nature restoration. We hope these types of projects will lead to future corporate involvement and potential donors for other dam removal projects.

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