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Vantaa River dam removal (Finland): Big challenge, great expectations

This dam removal project is taking place in the middle of Vantaa City (Finland) in 2019. This is an interesting case study because it is a historic dam, built in 1912 to supply water for a linseed oil factory. This example  is located in the middle of a city and should have a major impact, not only  ecologically, but because the project  is driven by local people.

You can view the whole project here (full document in Finnish).

Finnish citizens understand  the effects of dams and they are more proactive with these kind of projects. Perhaps this is due to their strong and ancient fishing culture.

In addition, WWF-Finland and K Group have launched a brilliant and funny campaign with the slogan “Mating belongs to all” which aims to generate more awareness of Finland’s endangered migratory fish populations and also asks for citizen cooperation to locate obstacles in Finnish rivers.

You can read a full master thesis about this dam removal by clicking here. One of the most interesting parts of this thesis concerns  public opinion:-

… Most of the feedback was encouraging the removal of the dam, on grounds of a more ecologically sound and fish-friendly future and better recreation possibilities. Some of them stated that the restoration of the rapid Tikkurilankoski to a more natural state would promote the river ecosystems gradual recovery”

(Master thesis from Tiia Valtonen, 2017. Author contact:

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