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Next generation dam removers in Slovenia!

On the 13th of May, WWF Adria got opportunity to message to younger audiences about dam removal and its importance at the Scouts day in Ljubljana Tivoli park in Slovenia. The event was great success as the WWF Adria team presented materials and interacted with over 1000 kids directly. They prepared leaflets for kids with information about importance and effects of dam removal to create free-flowing rivers. For younger children, they prepared puzzles and colouring sheets from World Fish Migration Day materials.

Leon Kebe from WWF Slovenia said, “There was huge response to the sledgehammer and dam poster from young and more seasoned visitors of our stand. People engaged in conversation about ones needs for energy and if hydropower is green or not.” He revealed that people reacted interested and amazed at the idea of dam removal and asked why is it not considered more often! Amazing!

All in all the event was a huge success and the team at WWF Adria are hopeful about the rising generations positive impact to our rivers and earth.

Thanks to WWF Adria for these wonderful photos!


Photo credits:

Photo 1-3:  Leon Kebe ; Photo 4:  Neža Posnjak ; Photo 5-8:  Boštjan Selinšek

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