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A dam in a Lithuanian Natura2000 area is blocking the migration route for salmon and trout species. Now, we are raising funds to remove it! Be a part of the action and help us with the first dam removal in Lithuania ever—a truly historical moment.

The Brazuole Dam is named after the Brazuole River, which belongs to a Natura2000 area for its unique habitat. The Brazuole River is a tributary of the River Neris, and is located in Neris Regional Park. Both rivers are famous for two iconic migratory species, the Baltic salmon (Salmo salar) and the sea trout (Salmo trutta).

The dam is an old mill that has been abandoned for decades. The removal would significantly improve upstream water quality and open up nearly 25 km of spawning grounds for these iconic fish species! This would help with overall healthy ecosystem functioning.

In cooperation with Lithuanian Fund for Nature, we are working to remove this dam in Lithuania and this project is fully funded by the WWF Crowdfunding Campaign. Help us turn the tide and allow this European river to flow freely again so she will get the space she needs. With only 20 euros you can help us!

As a part of this campaign, the newly founded Dam Removal Europe cycling team will also get involved to help raise funds! These cycling suits will also soon be sold on Dam Removal Europe’s webshop and 15% of cost will be used to fund this dam removal in Lithuania! We hope that this team can inspire the creation of other cycling teams to raise awareness for dam removal.


Move that dam!!

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