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Dam Removal goes Alps

By March 22, 2021August 12th, 2021No Comments

Calling all “Dam Removal Goes Alps” participants!  As many of you may know, a Seminar Resumé was published for the webinar series last June, which served as a brief event recap. Now, you can dive deeper with the newly published Seminar Report. This detailed report includes facts, lessons learned and case studies from the event. Click HERE if you want to read the reports and/or watch the seminar recordings.

In 2021, the Dam Removal Europe International Seminar was organized by WWF (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Dam Removal Europe partners, and in cooperation with regional and international partners. The event was a true success– over the four days of conference, 931 attendees joined (over 400 attendees each day) from 59 countries around the world. The attendees came from diverse backgrounds, and represented many different fields including research, nature conservation, engineering and water management, public administration, fisheries, education, PR, hydropower, tourism and even lawyers.

During the conference, we learned from experiences all over Europe, discussed the ecological, economic and social benefits of dam removal, showed the restoration potentials for (pre-)alpine regions, and outlined the necessary framework conditions for dam removal.

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