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Luxembourg takes a leap towards free(r)-flowing rivers  

© Administration de la gestion de l’eau (AGE) 

On May 21, Luxembourg celebrated World Fish Migration Day for the first time ever! This event focused on river restoration and the recovery of free-flowing rivers through dam removal in Luxembourg.

Organizers and Participants: A Collaborative Effort

The event was organized by the Water Management Administration (AGE), the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Biodiversity in Luxembourg, and the World Fish Migration Foundation. The seminar gathered over 120 participants from various sectors, including international speakers, such as the president of American Rivers, the head of Dam Removal Europe, and experts from the Belgian organization Stream & River. National experts from AGE and the Ministry also provided valuable insights. 

© Administration de la gestion de l’eau (AGE) 

Key Discussions and Insights: Strategies for River Restoration

Participants discussed the current state of river barriers in Europe and Luxembourg, highlighting the ecological and socio-economic impacts of obstructed waterways. The panelists offered innovative strategies for restoring natural river flows, emphasizing successful case studies and best practices from different parts of the world. The event also saw the launch of the Free Flow Story map for Luxembourg. 

American Rivers © Administration de la gestion de l’eau (AGE) 

Networking and Collaboration: Building Partnerships for Change

The seminar fostered networking and collaboration among river restoration practitioners, emphasizing the importance of removing obsolete man-made barriers to restore free-flowing rivers. Participants engaged in lively discussions, exchanged knowledge, and formed partnerships aimed at advancing river restoration projects in Luxembourg and beyond. 

 © Administration de la gestion de l’eau (AGE) 

Paving the Way for Free-flowing rivers

The seminar concluded with a screening of the documentary #Dambusters, which showcased the growing movement for river restoration around Europe. The film highlighted inspiring stories of communities coming together to remove barriers and restore their local rivers, encouraging participants to get involved in the cause. This first celebration of World Fish Migration Day in Luxembourg marked a significant step towards healthier, free-flowing rivers. The event not only raised awareness about the importance of river restoration but also inspired action and collaboration among participants.

Dambusters © Administration de la gestion de l’eau (AGE) 

If you missed the live event, you can still watch the full seminar!

To watch the full seminar and learn more about the discussions and insights shared, visit the YouTube channel of the Administration de la gestion de l’eau or simply click here.

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