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Fantastic barrier removal in Tees River Basin

The Cloff Bridge weir was on a tributary of the Tees called North Burn –one of the few downstream of and therefore not influenced by the Tees Barrage. The weir was built originally to provide a head of water for a brick works which closed in the 1960s. “The funding for this removal came from EDF (Électricité de France) as mitigation under EU Eel Directive for their abstraction at Hartlepool nuclear power station” explains Ben Lamb, director of Tees Rivers Trust, “they were unable to screen the intake pipes due to risk and so they were required to make a payment of £50k to improve eel passage and habitat in the local area.” In addition to the removal, they were also able to build an easement at a weir 1.5km upstream. Therefore, the removal and fishway opened up approx. 40km of river to fish.

This weir removal is being monitored by a PhD from Durham University who is researching the benefits of barrier removal on river systems and so they have excellent pre-removal data and post-removal follow up will be happening this year.

To watch more pictures of this case you can go to Tees Rivers Trust Facebook page and this Youtube video: