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Are you sick and tired of staying home? Do you miss having fun and hanging out with friends? Then, grab a cup of coffee or a beer (that’s mandatory!!) and join us; let’s break free together and free some rivers too! Dam Removal Europe Café is open for business. Oh dam(n)! 


APRIL 21st, 2022 | 16:30 – 17:30 CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME 


Like all things, dams, weirs and culverts have a lifetime, and many of them are currently obsolete. Thankfully, barrier removal is no longer crazy talk and it’s getting more and more attention. Let’s exchange knowledge and insights and let’s mainstream this movement!  

The World Fish Migration Foundation, the Resources Legacy Fund, Rewilding Europe and WWF invite river and restoration practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and students to the first in a series of 1-hour, international, “infotaining” webinars focusing on the why and how of barrier removals. We will showcase unique projects, interview dam buster heroes, share insights, but first and foremost, we will have fun! The event builds on experience from projects across Europe and the US.  

The first Dam Removal Europe Cafe is organized by World Fish Migration Foundation on behalf of Dam Removal Europe with sponsorship from Open Rivers Fund, a program of Resources Legacy Fund supported by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. In-kind support is provided by Rewilding Europe and WWF. 

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Chris Bowser from New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, US  


Demolition of hydropower dams in Finland 

Sampsa Vilhunen from WWF Finland, Finland 

Guests in the field: Hanna Ollikainen and Sini Javanainen from South Karelian Foundation for Recreation Areas and Municipality of Rautjärvi, respectively, Finland


Live music break 

César Rodríguez from AEMS – Ríos con Vida, Spain 


Breaking news! 


Dam removals in Lithuania 

Jonė Leščinskaitė from Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuania 

Irma Žąsytienė from Salantai Regional Park Authority, Lithuania 


Dam removals in Spain

Mònica Bardina Martin from Catalan Water Agency, Spain


Mainstreaming dam removals 

Julie Turrini from Resources Legacy Fund, USA 


Live music break 

César Rodríguez from AEMS – Ríos con Vida, Spain 


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Mentimeter quiz for the attendees 






Registration and questions  

For free registration follow this link to EventBrite. For questions regarding the program contact Foivos Mouchlianitis (  

Language: English  


We are opening for sponsoring by companies and NGO’s. Please contact Herman Wanningen ( for information about sponsorships. 

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