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Dam Removal Award Nominees 2022

By April 3, 2023June 16th, 20232 Comments

European Dam Removal Award Nominees 2022

Dear River Community! Herby, we announce that the Award Jury has decided on 5 projects that are nominated for the Dam Removal Award 2022. They had a challenging task of narrowing down the selection to just 5 projects and now we ask you to help us pick your best one! 

To select the winner of the Dam Removal Award 2022 the results from the jury and public voting will be combined. Important: Jury vote and the public vote will each contribute half to the final score.  

The winner will be announced on Thursday, May 18, 2023, in Manchester, UK. Stay tuned for the Award Ceremony and place your vote before April 17, 23h59 CET!

Vote on your favourite here

Restoration of Salantas river continuity, Lithuania

Administration of Zemaitija protected areas presents the removal of a 94m wide and 4m high dam and river restoration project in Lithuania, which connected 67km of Salantas river. The aim of the project is to restore fish migration in the upper Salantas river basin. Salantas river is Natura 2000 site and nature reserve designated for lampreys, sea trout and others species.

Ackers Weir Removal, River Cole, UK 

Sanctus Ltd. Presents the removal of Ackers weir, a legacy structure with about 2.4m+ of height, impounding 500m3 of silts contaminated with heavy metals, petroleum and poly aromatic hydrocarbons. Allowing fish migration and sediment conductivity, whilst improving water quality and enhancing natural processes. 

Removal of the weirs of the Molino Bajo and Molino del Cabrillas in the Cabrillas river, Spain

AEMS-RÍOS CON VIDA presents the removal of two obsolete dams around 3 m high on the Cabrillas River, within the Alto Tajo basin, a vast area of karstic mountain ranges and fluvial canyons.

Snake Lane Weir removal project, UK

Wild Trout Trust presents on behalf of the Ecclesbourne Project partnership, the Removal of a 2.5-m high, 10-m wide concrete weir from the River Ecclesbourne, Derbyshire, England opening up 28km of the river for fish migration, including the recent return of Atlantic salmon. 

Bowston weir removal project, UK

South Cumbria Rivers Trust presents Bowston weir removal on river Kent, Cumbria, England. The barrier was built in 1874 as part of the local paper-making industry. Bowston weir was removed during the summer of 2022 and represents the first major weir removal on this highly designated river.

Help us decide on the next DRE Award winner!

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