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Barriers also being removed in Czech Republic!

Thanks to the EU projectLIFE CORCONTICA, which started in 2012 and ends this year, the first barrier removals (that we know of) in the Czech Republic happened last year.

Before and after of the Bolkovsky. © Jiří Křesina/LIFE+ CORCONTICA.

One of the goals of this project is to restore bullhead (Cottus gobio) populations in the Krkonoše National Parkstreams. This tiny fish is an endangered species due to obstacles previously constructed to regulate watercourses, and which impede bullhead migrations. In order to restore this small but special fish in its native montane streams, a total of 15 small barriers were removed to help bullhead and local established brown trout populations extend their range and reach more feeding and reproduction grounds.

To read more about this project you can visit the LIFE CORCONTICA official website here:

Before and after of the Albericky. © Jiří Křesina/LIFE+ CORCONTICA.

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