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日本における最初のダム撤去 | Yes, yes, you understood correctly “First Dam removal in Japan”

This is the first dam removal ever done in Japan and it all started thanks to a local people movement. In the image below you will see neighbors celebrating the decision taken, holding a poster saying “さよなら!荒瀬ダム” which means “Goodbye! Arase Dam”

(Image from: Say Good-bye to Arase Dam)

As the Japanese journal JFS explains “The Arase Dam, located at about 20 kilometers upstream from the river mouth, was built exclusively for hydroelectric power generation… Ever since the Arase Dam was built, the local residents in former Sakamoto Village have been aware of certain effects of the dam…” including fewer sweetfish, flood damage and large volumes of sludge accumulating after floodwaters recede. Therefore  “On June 9, 2002, a river fishermen’s union in former Sakamoto Village called for establishment of an association to reconsider the validity of the Arase Dam. This was the start of a full-scale campaign for decommissioning and removal.”

(Image from:

The works began in 2012 and they are expected to finish in March of this year. You can check wonderful videos and amazing pictures in their Facebook page and also on their website.

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