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The Ukrainian rock band, The Hardkiss, recently started their ticket sales for their upcoming concert on 29 May 2021 in Ukraine. However, there is something special about these tickets because each one of them encourages donations to WWFs FREE RIVERS program!

On May 29, 2021 the Ukrainian rock band, The Hardkiss, will be playing at the National Sports Complex in Kiev, Ukraine. Tickets for the concert recently went on sale and over 1,500 tickets were sold within the first six hours. They are expecting at least 30-40 thousand people to buy tickets!

Once a concert-goer purchases a ticket, on the ticket itself is a QR code leads them straight to WWF Ukraines website where they can donate to the FREE RIVERS program. Part of these proceeds will go towards the crowdfunding campaign to remove a splash dam clogging a Ukrainian river in the Carpathian mountains.

We are thrilled to learn that artists from around the world are supporting initiatives like this one. Julia Sanina from The Hardkiss says, “We learned that Ukraine is one of the least supplied with freshwater in Europe. That is why during 2020-2021 we will support the WWF Ukraine – FREE RIVERS program. LET IT FLOW. Join us now. Make your contribution to the program to preserve Ukraine’s freshwater resources!” On their tour page, they also provide a link to viewers to the FREE RIVERS program.

We hope that the 30-40 thousand people who buy tickets are also inspired to donate to help FREE RIVERS.

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