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The last five years marked a breakthrough of our new coalition within European nature conservation: Dam Removal Europe. Our fast-growing coalition is a partnership among many experts with a rich diversity of skills from engineering and policy, conservation and field biology, to science, focuses on removing in-stream obstacles; thereby, opening the gates to free-flowing rivers—the arteries of Europe’s nature.  

As the Dam Removal Europe coalition expands and looks towards the future, the team has created a strategy document outlining past, current, and future goals for the upcoming decade. Our mission is to scale up the dam removal movement to all European countries and help free Europe’s rivers from over 100,000 obsolete and out-of-use barriers.

We know the benefits of dam removal (significant positive environmental impacts, cost-effective, supports job creation, and plenty more) and we want more people across Europe to know and implement dam removal as a mainstream river restoration option.

Check out our 2020 – 2030 Strategy Report that outlines how we will expand our efforts and reach our new goals. Have a question? Contact us!

Download the report
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