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On October 10th, Roberto Epple, president of the European Rivers Network (ERN), received the EuroNatur Award 2018 for his outstanding personal dedication to protecting European rivers. “It has always been my strong desire not only to protect rivers from further destruction, but also to inspire European citizens for the blue arteries. I want to give new vitality to the age-old interaction of man and river”, says Roberto Epple.

“The passion that Roberto Epple brings into his efforts for Central European river landscapes is exemplary for our conservation work and further encourages us to never give up, even if the opponent seems too strong. With his unswerving love for the rivers he is an inspiring example for us”, states EuroNatur’s president Christel Schroeder.

With this award, Epple joins the other recipients of this award such as Klaus Töpfer, Prince Charles and the American best-selling author Jonathan Franzen.

Read the press release here.