Fund your dam removal

Want to remove a ‘ready to go ‘ dam but need extra funding? Try getting your removal crowdfunded!

We collaborate with WWF on their Crowdfunding Campaigns to remove dams! To see if crowdfunding is the right option for you, read below and also have a look here to see what previous campaigns looked like. Below is a list of information we require to help fundraise for your dam removal separated into three phases.

Tell us about your dam!

Please send in the following to :

1. Crowdfunding eligibility form (download here) filled in as completely as possible.

2. At least 5 high quality photos and a video of the dam and surroundings.

You’re approved!

If your eligibility form is approved, we require (in English and in your local language):

1.  A description of the campaign.

2. A communication plan detailing how you will be locally involved in raising awareness about your campaign and efforts you will contribute to help raise a target fund.

3. Copy of the registration document of the organisation (e.g. registration at Chamber of Commerce).

4. Details of organization’s bank and copy of a bank statement.

5. Locally shot video with project member outlining the importance of the dam removal and why to remove this particular dam (about 1 minute).

6. A picture and bio of the program manager or contact person.

7. Footage (both high definition videos and photos) from before, during and after the removal for outreach and educational purposes.

8. Excel sheet / budget overview / cost breakdown: how is the crowdfunded amount spend?

9. A map of the area where the dam is located. National and local.

10. The project needs to be delivered in English and the local language.

Your dam has been crowdfunded! Hooray!

Here are the three final steps to complete.

1. A short video taken at the removal site to the donors thanking them.

2. Your signature for the donor certificates and thank you text to send to the donors.

3. A follow-up from one year later detailing any post removal results.